Flash Course in Kolkata

(Program In Flash Animation)

Flash- Maac Barasat is one of the best animation institute in Kolkata. Flash animation is an animation made in the program formerly known as adobe Flash,the program is vector based,meaning that when you draw something you could make it bigger or smaller without losing quality,but it also disables your ability to use brushes like photoshop.

This program started as a programming tool to make games,apps, and websites which also featured the ability to make animation. With this you can make 2d puppets,several parts of a body.this program enhance you to grow in 2d Animation and print media.

Course duration: 288 Hours

Course Content

SEM I : Certificate in Graphic & Print Design

  Fundamentals of Design & Drawing

  Concepts of Graphic & Illustration

  Graphic Design

  Image Editing

  Page Layout Design

SEM II : Certificate in Web & Interactive Design

  Concepts of Web Design

  Web Page Designing

  Interactive Presentation

  Video Editing

  Sound Editing

  Web Animation

  Front End Design

  Minimalistic Design

SEM III : Certificate in Flash Animation

  Fundamentals of Design and Basics of 2D Animation

  The Art of Digital Storyboarding

  Digital 2D Animation

Softwares Covered


  Corel Draw™

  Adobe Illustrator™

  Adobe Photoshop™

  Adobe InDesign™


  HTML / Javascript

  Adobe Dreamweaver™

  Adobe Flash™

  Adobe Premiere™

  Adobe Audition™


  StoryBoard Pro™

  Adobe Flash™

  oonboom Harmony™

Career options after Flash

  Graphic Designer

  Packaging Designer

  Advertising Art Director

  Web/Interactive Designer

  User Interface (UI) Designer


  DTP Operator

  Layout Artist

  Developer for Interactive E-Learning

  Digital Storyboard Artist

  2D Animator


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