AD3D Edge Plus Course in Kolkata

(Advanced Program in 3D Animation)

AD3D EDGE PLUS- Advanced program in 3d animation.Animation has its own followers from different age of life. Now the worls became animated world itself. Technology is growing fast.animated films are globally spreading. All renowned director almost create one animated film in their life, not only that all aged people enjoy animated films. Our childhood memory is maximum based on cartoons. Ad3d edge plus basically is a 3d animation course which includes pre-production, production, and post-production. It includes software photoshop, aftereffects, premiere, audition, 3dsmax, maya, mudbox, fusion, motionbuilder, Arnold, new-agesoftware. It actually covered all updated and latest software.this course coveres all part of animation. After completing this course you can surely join as a modelling artist, lighting artist, texture artist, render artist, character animator, layout artist, digital sculpting artist, rigging artist, video editor, motion graphics artist, fx artist, game artist, 3d generalist. This is a job ready course.

AD3D Edge Plus

Course duration: 600 Hours

Course Content





  Digital Design

  Video Editing

  Sound Editing

  3D Design & Modelling

  Digital Sculpting

  Look Development

  Lighting & Rendering

  Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX

  Character Set-up & Skinning

  Character Animation

  Layer Based Compositing

  Node Based Compositing

  Working with Motion Capture Data

  Clean Plate Generation

  Chroma Screen Removal

Softwares Covered

  Adobe Photoshop™

  Adobe After Effects™

  Adobe Premiere™

  Adobe Audition™

  Autodesk 3dsmax™


  Autodesk Maya™

  Autodesk Mudbox™

  Eyeon Fusion™

  Motion Builder™

  New-Age Software

3 Specialization options (pick any one)

Modeling & Texturing

Software covered : Autodesk Maya™ & Pixologic ZBrush™

Lighting & Shading

Software covered : Autodesk Maya™, Mental Ray™


Software covered : Autodesk Maya™

Career options after AD3D Edge Plus

  Modelling Artist

  Lighting Artist

  Texture Artist

  Render Artist

  Character Animator

  Layout Artist

  Digital Sculpting Artist

  Rigging Artist

  Video Editor

  Motion Graphics Artist

  FX Artist

  Game Artist

  3D Generalist


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